Competition Winner

Category Urban planning
Team leader Tero Vanhanen, R&D Leader, Hartela
Main architects Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects
Team members ArkOpen Oy, WSP Finland Oy, Granlund Oy , Realprojekti Oy, TA Rakennuttaja Oy and VVO-yhtymä Oyj
Team member ArkOpen speciality Housing types and open building solutions
Year 2013

The Helsinki region is widening to the west and the new metro construction started in 2012. The City of Espoo launched in the autumn 2012 a competition for the building of a new sub-centre with 300 000 sqm floor area to be built 2015-2030, mainly Housing Quarters and the Commercial Metro Centre. The City invited seven significant Finnish construction companies with their teams to make proposals for detailed town planning. The competition area was divided in 9 subareas of which each invited teams could choose for themselves the most suitable ones. The promise was to carry out best proposals and make contracts with the winning teams about the building of one or more subareas of the Metro Centre.

The Hartela team under the leadership of R&D chief Tero Vanhanen consists of the main designer Cederqvist & Jäntti Architecs in co-operation with ArkOpen and four other consultants for traffic, commerce and various technical and environmental aspects. The team decided to make a proposal, that differed significantly from the preliminary city-layout, concentrating on the central area. The central ideas were to achieve good integration between buildings and landscape and to use Open Building principles to gain advantages for resident adaptation and good life cycle capacity.

The jury of the competition declared the Hartela-team project superior winner and the City of Espoo decided to start city planning of the whole central area with this team. The co-operation work is now in early master plan stage. Closer implementing negotiations will start and other building firms will involved. The design principles are fixed through the competition, but the Centre layout and technical solutions will have some changes during the further work. The design of the main housing types will also start.


Housing type orientation: Different suitable OB solutions were selected for each locations in the Finnoo metro Center.


Lifespan aspect
Variations both for young and middle-age families regarding new flats and easy to change later.

Basic floor plan will be designed to suit several purposes and resident groups.

Side flats
Rooms with own entrance, a small bathroom and a kitchenette are next to family flats with inside door connection.


Structural flexibility
Use of simple tools like door options and partly non bearing walls between flats.

Installation system
Easy renewal within the building lifespan by placement of vertical ducts outside flats.

Insta Heart
Family flat system with a standard wet room arrangement but other rooms have variations.