Location Junonkatu, Helsinki
Category Residential
Architects Petri Viita, Juhani Väisänen, Esko Kahri, Juha Kämäräinen
Size 77 apartments, 10.150 sq.m
Year 2014
Asiakas SATO Rakennuttajat Oyj

Helsinki Seaside Open Housing is a part of a residential development project in Helsinki Kalasatama, which included development of an apartment house called Gallery House. Gallery House is a new housing typology, where urban apartments and shared spaces are placed around a gallery hall. The apartment sizes can be dynamically changed according to the demands of the residents, and small apartments can be combined.

The designing of Gallery House was a participatory process. The aim of the design was to efficiently add individuality of the urban living and give the resident the possibility to have an effect on the choices of the flat.

In addition to Gallery House, Helsinki Seaside Open Housing project also included carrying out town houses and neo-urban apartments. Town houses exploit the ideas of open spaces and optional facades supplemented by sanitary facilities. In addition, they provide an urban location combined with individuality from layout to facades. Neo-urban apartments have universally usable layouts, where the rooms can be used in different ways without spatial changes. The project also produced a book discussing open housing, published by Building Information Group in Finland.