Location Taidemaalarinkatu 2, Helsinki, Finland
Category Housing
Architects Petri Viita
Size 78 apartments + business spaces, floor area 5200 m², total area 6523 m²
Project Year 2019
Client ATT, Lujatalo Ltd

Kuninkaantammi is an ambitious project that aims to be a residential area that stands out. The district is located in northwestern Helsinki, in a historically valued area on the river Vantaa. The district is community-oriented, walkable and lively.

The typologies and the scale in the Taidemaalarinkatu housing block vary. Two floor townhouses are located along the pedestrian routes, whereas the higher apartment houses stand in the edges of the block. Towards to the center of the yard there is a one floor pavilion enclosing the shared spaces of the residents. The parking is mainly placed under the deck in the next block and partly in the carports.

The facades play with varying colors of masonry to scale down the large volumes of the buildings. The walls of the balconies, terraces with dividing walls and pergolas as well as the facades of the townhouses and the pavilions are upholstered with wood.

The environmental issues, such as rainwater sewage, are given a great emphasis. There are rainwater gardens and forest vegetation in the courtyard. The pavilions and the carports are covered with green roofs and solar panels.